Another Move to Bigger and Better Things

In a break from our normal posting on dental practices and all things to do with them locally and in accordance with an article I read recently, we are doing another moving announcement for another kind of wellness Doctor, The Chiropractor.

While DC’s or Doctor of Chiropractic are licensed medical providers they are more focused on wellness and natural healing if possible.  A local chiropractor has moved from Burnsville so I thought it kept in line with our last post on a practice moving.  Previously they were located in a building with several other chiropractic offices and when they outgrew their space their they moved to Savage, MN.  While the move was less than a mile away the move signaled big changes.  They are better able to serve their patients with the addition of accupunture, physical therapy, and personal training adding to their chiropractic care, massage and nutrition and weight management counseling.

Let’s all welcome this new chiropractor in Savage, MN and maybe even stop out to their new location in Savage.

Local Dentist Moves to Another Local City

Wood Park Dental has been a staple in Burnsville on County Road 42 and County Road 11 Kitty Corner from the Super America in the strip mall with Caribou Coffee for over a decade.  They recently made the jump to their new building and are just across the Boarder in Eagan.  They still have their original phone number and can be found by Googling Dentist in Eagan.

Or you can just click the link above.

You can also click here to find their eagan dentist facebook page .

We look forward to bringing you more Dental news from around the state and the country.